B2B Buzz

All the Buzz about B2B Commerce

I have recently decided to FOCUS more and more on the B2B aspects of Fintech for the following reasons:

  1. I love it

  2. I have domain expertise in it from years of experience in B2B

  3. It represents literally TRILLIONS

  4. It is not as well covered as B2C

  5. VCs are now investing in B2B too

I am publishing B2B blogs on Medium and on here. This started a while back after I did a deep dive into B2B Payments for a client (A large Card Company in the Midwest). I then put the core of that research into a series of Medium blog posts. I will also transfer those here to Substack based on a recommendation from Ron Shevlin who knows way more about writing and publishing than I do.

I look forward to finding out if Substack is more interactive than Medium as I really want to start a dialog about B2B Commerce. Thanks - dion